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Owner, Producer and Chief Engineer of Reeltime Audio

Eric Delegard is one of the most prolific producers and engineers in the Southwest, frequently recording local and prominent artists alike. He is well known for working closely with artists to develop their music, crafting specific sounds for each project, and his wealth of experience in an enormous variety of genres.


A lifelong musician, Delegard moved to Texas from Minneapolis to study at the prestigious University of North Texas music school, where he played in the Three O’Clock Lab Band, Percussion Ensemble, and the UNT Jazz Singers as well as multiple touring bands.


Delegard founded Reeltime Audio in 1991 to give local artists access to a premium studio and equipment in a relaxed environment that garners creativity. As both a producer and engineer, he has worked on several Grammy-award winning records. He has also been instrumental in helping achieve success for prominent artists and attracting attention of major labels.

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