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Reeltime Audio is the perfect studio to track any project and is equipped to handle anything from a 20 piece band to solo vocals or voiceovers. The studio features an acoustically excellent 700 sq. ft tracking room with adjacent large and small Isolation rooms. Sight lines are kept between the control room, tracking room, and isolation rooms to ensure consistent communication between all parties.


Each musician has control over their own headphone mix to enhance performances and optimize audio control. The studio includes a Yamaha G3 grand piano, a Rhodes piano, a Sonor drum kit with alternate snares, and a variety of guitar amps and cabinets.



In addition to the phenomenal tracking space, Reeltime Audio offers precision mixing at the hands of Grammy-award winning album mixer Eric Delegard. The studio is centered around the ultimate mixing console: a 52-input SSL. Alongside the board resides a plethora of outboard gear for processing and shaping sounds, not to mention the array of available digital plug-ins.


Mixing is an art that takes years to master and is one of the most critical aspects of creating a professional recording. Reeltime Audio covers both the technical and artistic aspects of mixing in a way that can only be achieved through years of experience.


If you record your tracks at home or with another studio, Reeltime Audio offers mixing services to refine your songs. Reeltime works with outside projects and offers one additional revision. All mixes are saved and can be restored via the SSL Total Recall feature. Whether you record your music at Reeltime, another studio, or at home, mixing at Reeltime Audio guarantees your song will be the best it can possibly be.


Please e-mail to request information for full production, recording, mixing and mastering rates. Pricing is available for hourly, block rates, day and week-long lockouts. All-in production deals per song and per EP or album can be negotiated as well. A 25% deposit is required for all bookings. If you need to cancel, please give us at least 48 hours’ notice. Feel free to give us a call at (940)566-5373 to discuss the particulars of your project. We’d love to have you come by, tour the studio and talk about your music.

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